Privacy policy

Planet Hollywouf Respects the privacy of all users of the planet website Hollywouf and any other website operated by planet Hollywouf and members/users of the STAR rewards program and is committed to protecting it in accordance with this privacy policy. Users can be legal entities, corporations, businesses or natural persons.

Any user is deemed to have read, accepted and recognized the validity of the privacy policy. If a user does not accept the terms of the privacy policy, then he must stop using it. Planet Hollywouf May, at any time and without notice, change the privacy policy. Users are asked to check regularly if the privacy policy has been changed. Users are deemed to have accepted changes to the privacy policy if they continue to use the website or the STAR Rewards program after a publication of the changes.

This privacy policy explains how Planet Hollywouf Processes the information collected as part of the user's activities on the website and within the framework of the rewards program.

Types of information collected

Planet Hollywouf Collects two types of user information: personal information and non-personal information.

This information is collected in particular when the user:

  • Participate in a contest or promotion
  • Joins the STAR Rewards program
  • Request information on Planet Products and services Hollywouf ;
  • Sent to Planet Hollywouf Comments or suggestions
  • Fills out a job application
  • Browse the website 
  • Purchases of goods or services.


Collection of personal information on the website

As part of the operation of the website, planet Hollywouf May collect personal information about users.

"Personal Information" is information that identifies natural persons, such as their name, contact details, address, email address, telephone number, invoice number, information Financial, etc. Planet Hollywouf Collects personal information when users agree to provide them at the time of their registration to a planet service Hollywouf, Especially when they decide to subscribe to a newsletter, become members of the STAR Rewards program, purchase products or services, or apply through the website. Planet Hollywouf may also receive personal information from its trading partners or other third parties, provided that these third parties confirm that the user has authorized them to share this information.


Use of personal information

Planet Hollywouf Deals seriously with the personal information of all the people with whom it interacts. Planet Hollywouf Limits the collection of personal information to the bare minimum required for the conduct of its activities.

Only authorized Planet personnel Hollywouf has access to personal information

Planet Hollywouf may use personal information collected on the website or the STAR Rewards program for the following purposes:

  • To provide the products and services or information requested by users, to communicate with them in order to answer a question, for internal quality assurance purposes or to manage the quality of the information provided through of the website;
  • To inform users about news, updates, information and special offers on planet products and services Hollywouf, but the mailings of these e-mails are made in accordance with the so-called spam laws and the user may at any time Ask this That planet Hollywouf Removes email address from planet's e-mail mailing list Hollywouf;
  • Planet Hollywouf may also use personal information if it has reasonable grounds to believe that it may be useful in an investigation into an offence under a federal, provincial or foreign law, or to ensure the protection or Defence of a legal interest.


Retention of personal information

Planet Hollywouf Retains the personal information it collects as long as it deems necessary for the conduct of its activities.

At the request of a user, planet Hollywouf May delete all personal information related to the Star Rewards program from its records when a user's membership in the Star Rewards program is completed. User must contact Planet customer service Hollywouf By email for this procedure.


Disclosure of personal information

Planet Hollywouf agrees not to make public, sell, rent or share personal information to anyone.

Planet Hollywouf Disclose personal information to third parties only in the following cases:

  • The user has expressly authorized planet Hollywouf Provide information for a specific purpose
  • The third parties in question Act on behalf of the planet Hollywouf As agents or suppliers of goods or services, and the information is communicated to them only in order to improve the delivery of the services of planet Hollywouf. These third parties must comply with strict contractual conditions which require them to maintain the confidentiality of all information and to use them only for the purposes related to the supply of the services and products of the planet Hollywouf ;
  • In accordance with the conditions applicable to a planet service Hollywouf or the sale of products, in order to facilitate the delivery of the service in question or the sale of the products, in particular to satisfy legal requirements;
  • If planet Hollywouf is required to provide personal information in response to a formal order made by a court, a subpoena to produce documents, an investigation by the authorities, or where otherwise required by law.


Planet Hollywouf Also reserves the right to report to the law enforcement authorities any activity that planet Hollywouf believes, in good faith, to be illegal. Planet Hollywouf May disclose certain personal information when it deems such communication reasonably necessary to protect the rights, goods and security of third parties as well as those of planet Hollywouf or to ensure compliance with the user's obligations towards the planet Hollywouf.


Security of personal information

Security and protection of personal information is important to planet Hollywouf. Planet Hollywouf takes reasonable technical, contractual, administrative and material measures to protect personal information The user provides, including secure exchange encryption (secure Socket Layer-SSL) at 128 bits, when required. Although it is impossible to guarantee protection at 100% and that planet Hollywouf cannot be held liable in the event of theft, illegal use, unauthorized disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction of personal information by a third party, planet Hollywouf Has adopted rigorous methods that meet strict safety standards to ensure the protection of personal information.

Planet Employees Hollywouf Who have access to this information may only use them in accordance with the principles set out in this privacy policy and the applicable legislation and regulations.

In order to protect the integrity of the data transmitted when you make your online payment, planet Hollywouf has provided for several security measures. Despite this, do not leave an online payment session unattended. Also take the habit of always leaving your screen or your reporting session before you move away from your computer, even if you Plan to return In a few minutes.


Access to personal information and changes

The user may have access to their own personal information in order to view, update or modify them by contacting planet Hollywouf To the following email address: [email protected]

You can also contact planet Hollywouf To the following address:

305 Lawrence Street, Greenfield Park, Quebec J4V 2Z5

Below are some recommendations to ensure that your online shopping is done safely.

  • If you are using a public computer, always close your session when you are finished.
  • Do not communicate your passwords. Remember that anyone who knows your password can access your account.
  • When you create a password, use at least eight characters – prefer a combination of letters and numbers. Do not use words from a dictionary, your name, your email address, or other personal information that can be easily obtained. We also recommend that you change your password often.
  • Use a different password for each of your online accounts.
  • Beware of unsolicited e-mails and phone calls.

In addition, we will never contact you to ask for information about your credit card number or bank account. This type of information is transmitted to us only when you do an operation, contact us directly or change your account online. If you receive a questionable email with a link to update your account information, do not click on this link. Access your account directly at the address If a stranger communicates with you, sends you an unsolicited email or asks you to confirm or provide your password or personal or bank information, ignore the request and contact us immediately.

For security reasons and to prevent fraud, credit card orders from this website will be accepted by Simons only if the name and billing address correspond to the name on the purchaser's credit card and The address shown in his credit card file. If the information does not match, your order will be refused, even if the transaction has been pre-authorized by your bank. In this case, the amount of the reserved order can be recovered only when the credit has been paid to your account, which can take from three to five working days.


About children

Children under the age of 13

If you are a child under the age of 13, you can browse our website, but you cannot make purchases. Nor can you become a registered user or use a service that asks you to provide personal information. Our site is not designed for children. We do not want to collect personal information from children under the age of 13. This policy is designed to protect children.

If you register and learn that you are under the age of 13, we will delete your registration information and send you an email message to notify you. If you are under 13 years of age and want to make a purchase, please ask one of your parents to place the order for you.

Collection of non-personal information

As part of the operation of the website, planet Hollywouf May collect non-personal information about users.

"Non-personal information" is information such as the name Internet domain (for example, "xyzsociété.com") and the Internet Protocol address (IP address) used to access the website, the date and time of the visit, the pages visited, the type and version of the browser or operating system Used by a user as well as the website to which the user has just accessed and which he will subsequently access. Global information, such as demographic statistics on users, the number of visitors and the average time of use of the website are also considered non-personal information.


Planet Hollywouf Collects or obtains non-personal information in connection with the operation of the website. For example, when a user chooses to visit the website, Web servers can automatically collect non-personal information that is provided through the browser or stored in a cookie (a "cookies") or in any other Digital marker.


Use of non-personal information

Planet Hollywouf Uses non-personal information to track the use of the website and to improve its operation, perform statistical analyses of all user characteristics and behaviours, measure Demographic variables and the interests of users in relation to specific products and services, describe its products and services to third parties and potential trading partners, and determine how and where the allocation of planet Resources Hollywouf Can be the most effective. No personal information is disclosed in the course of such activities.

This non-personal information is necessary for planet Hollywouf May collect the information required to account for the number of visitors, the most visited pages, the technology used by the website's clientele, the referencing sites and the country of origin of the users.

Cookies are fragments of information sent to the user's computer when he or she visits a Web site. They register, temporarily or permanently, on the hard disk, leaving a trace of the visit. Information may include information such as the date and time of the user's last visit, etc. Cookies can also enhance the online experience by registering browsing preferences on a specific Web site.

The records of cookies kept on the hard drive are harmless and can be read and deleted at any time. So the user has absolute control. This information allows you to know the total number of visitors to the website as well as the length of visits. When the user visits the website, a witness is created and kept on His computer, allowing planet Hollywouf To "recognize" a user every time he or she visits the website.

Many important websites use cookies. Most browsers are initially configured to accept them. If the user prefers it, he can change the settings of his browser so that he is notified when a witness is received or refuses to accept them. Although the user is not obligated to accept cookies, some features of the website may not work properly if the browser is set to deny them.

Links to third party sites

The website may contain hyperlinks to third party sites (the "third party Sites") that will leave the website to the user. Planet Hollywouf Provides these hyperlinks for convenience issues. Third party Sites are not under the control of planet Hollywouf, which therefore has no control over the privacy practices and confidentiality of third-party Sites. Therefore, any confidential information or personal information that is transmitted through third-party sites is subject to the privacy policy of these third-party sites. It is the user's responsibility to take notice of it in order to protect the information that concerns him or her.


Changes to our Privacy policy

This privacy policy can be updated periodically on the basis of changes in our privacy practices. The revised privacy policy will be posted on the website. We will treat your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy in effect at the time of collection of this information, or in the manner agreed with you.


Questions, comments or suggestions

For any questions, comments or suggestions on this privacy policy or on the privacy practices of the planet Hollywouf That are not covered in this privacy policy, you can contact planet Hollywouf To the following email address: [email protected]